Your Fall Home-Care Checklist

While a good ‘spring clean’ is important, the coming of autumn also harkens in the need to do some important chores around the home and yard. Below are three seasonal suggestions we at DFW Properties would like to present:

Sweep Your Chimney. Robby Martin at says it’s the time of year to start shopping for a chimney cleaner, ahead of the winter rush. Martin says unless you are well versed in chimney construction, contact a reputable chimney sweep service.

Items such as bird or animal nests built during the summer, as well as excessive soot deposits from the previous winter, can easily obstruct flues and dampers, increasing the chances of chimney fires. Regular maintenance can save you from possible misfortune for a relatively small price.

Clean and Purge. Kit Arbuckle — a source at — suggests that before you start your fall and holiday entertaining, deep clean your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Arbuckle says it’s a perfect opportunity to throw out expired items and scrub everything.

And if you have soon-to-expire items or food you bought for a specific recipe and never used, pack up a box and drop it at your local food pantry. Arbuckle says while you’re at it, rent or break out the carpet cleaner and run it on all your rugs; wherever possible, start by cleaning the floor under your rugs.

Tend Your Landscape. Colonel Landscaping ( along the shoreline in Connecticut tells clients fall is the most opportune time to tend their landscapes so they thrive the following year.

Colonel explains that a late season application of lawn fertilizer, particularly in areas where cold weather grasses dominate, can nourish the root system and prepare it for the spring growing season; a soil test will help ensure proper amounts of nutrients are being applied.

Fall is also a great time to reseed lawn that is exhibiting signs of distress. Homeowners from southern New England to the central Atlantic coastal states will want to sow before the end of September for optimal results — applying a quarter inch of topsoil will help ensure germination. 

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