Budget Friendly Ideas

Utility Bills

Reducing Utility Bills in 5 Easy Steps

As summer heat fades and air conditioners go quiet, most Americans get a break from peak-season utility bills. But winter is coming, and with it, the increased cost of heating. From EnergyStar and consumer advisors, here are five tips that may help lower your cold-weather utility bills by as much as $100 a month in total: Get the best rate – Check in with your provider. Some utility...

Home Renovation

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

No matter the value of the space we call home, we want it to look as luxurious as possible, even on a small budget. Decorators share tips on small upgrades that add more than their money’s worth of grace and glamour. Quick tip: choose one or two as your budget permits. A Grand Entrance - First impressions begin at the doorway. Start with a clean and freshly painted door, add a nice doormat...

Kitchen Remodeling

4 Stylish and Functional Kitchen Floor Options

Kitchen design is always a favorite topic among luxury homeowners. While we often pay close attention to materials used throughout, from appliances to cabinets to countertops, the floors tend to get overlooked. If you want a surface that boasts the perfect combination of durability and style in your kitchen, here are several excellent flooring options for any cooking space. Porcelain TilePorcelain tile...

Backyard for kids

Backyard Upgrades Your Kids Will Love

In a world dominated by technology, kids are consumed by their phones, tablets and televisions. Designating limited screen time is becoming tougher and enjoying old school, outdoor playtime has been put on the back burner. So, why not spruce up your own backyard and inspire your children to get outside and away from their screens? With these backyard upgrades, you can help your kids appreciate the...

Gym at Home

How to Style Gym Equipment in Your Home

A home gym can be the perfect opportunity to remove barriers to your motivation. Whether you are social distancing, don’t feel confident at the gym or simply don’t have a flexible schedule, gym equipment in your home can be convenient and motivating. If you don’t want to sacrifice your home’s style for your fitness routine, try out these tips. Buy With Your Space in MindSure, it could be...

Glass Door

How to Clean Your Glass Shower Door

No matter how hard you scrub, you may be having a tough time getting your glass shower door sparkling clean. That’s because soap scum and hard-water stains can cause a cloudy build-up to form that seems impossible to remove. With a little ingenuity, however, you can restore your glass door to good-as-new. Try this method recommended by Home Depot. Start with the right supplies. You’ll need the...

Travel Budget

5 Tips to Stretch Your Summer Travel Budget

(Family Features) Many of the nation’s leading travel experts are predicting a surge in travel this summer. It’s no surprise that after months of restrictions, Americans are ready to set out on their next adventures. While popular destinations are likely to be open and welcoming visitors, the uptick in traffic combined with higher prices may translate into more expensive travel. If you’re...

Reduce Electricity Bill

Ten Tips for Reducing Your Electric Bill

The coldest weather of the year is upon us, and if you are like most Americans, you are looking for ways to keep your energy costs low. Following these simple tips will help you reduce energy consumption and lower your bill: Use a programmable thermostat. It will save you money because it can set the temperature to the most cost-effective levels during periods in which no one is home or when you’re...

Save Utility Bill

4 Ways to Save on Your Utility Bills…Even With a Full House

If you’re spending more time at home, as well as accommodating more family members than usual under your roof, you may be seeing an increase in your utility bills. But don’t despair! There are several simple strategies you can implement to save on energy costs, even with a house full of people—just make sure everyone’s on board and follows suit! 1. Lower/raise your thermostat. Heating and...

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