How to Keep the Neighbors Happy During a Renovation

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With spring just around the corner, many homeowners will take advantage of the warmer weather to launch a remodeling project. While it’s exciting to finally move forward on a big project that will improve the look, functionality and, hopefully, value of your home, a renovation means that you’ll be living with a fair amount of disruption for weeks or possibly months to come. Unfortunately, so will your neighbors.

Even the most supportive of neighbors can become disgruntled by the mess and noise that usually accompanies a renovation project. To be a good community member and avoid stress—and potentially conflicts that escalate to a legal level—abide by these tips for keeping your neighbors happy during construction.

Give them advance warning. Understanding the size and scope of your renovation project in advance will give neighbors time to prepare. Be sure to let them know when construction is due to begin and how long it will last. Be upfront about any equipment or utility vehicles that may be parked in and around the street and cause an inconvenience. Ask them if they have any special concerns you need to be aware of, such as the safety of small children or a roaming pet. Try to come up with solutions together in advance.

Get a permit. Obtaining a permit for the project in advance will protect you legally and give you and your neighbors peace of mind that any construction happening is by the book. 

Talk to your contractor. Express your concerns about neighbors—especially those with special concerns or get easily riled—to your contractor. Let them know that being considerate of your neighbors is priority one and find out what they can do to minimize impact.

Schedule respectfully. One of the biggest complaints neighbors have about a project is the amount of noise it generates. Let your contractor know that early morning and evening hours are off limits, as well as Sundays, and let your neighbors know the hours and days when construction will be taking place.

Communicate triggering issues. If there’s a day during construction where the street may be blocked or a particularly noisy piece of equipment will be used, let your neighbors know ahead of time. Staving off problems is all about advanced communication. 

Show appreciation. When your project is all done, show your appreciation with a note or small gift. Better yet, invite the neighbors over to christen your new pool, deck, gourmet kitchen or addition. Keep in mind, the improvement you made to your home most likely boosted the value of theirs as well, so there is plenty for all to celebrate. 

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