Eviction Services

Eviction Services

Eviction Services by DFW Property Management.com

At DFW Property Management.com, we understand that evictions, while rare, are an unfortunate part of property management. Our eviction services aim to make this process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for property owners.

What is an Eviction?

An eviction is a legal procedure to remove a tenant from a rental property due to reasons like non-payment of rent or violation of lease terms. The process involves several steps, from serving a notice to physically removing the tenant if they don’t comply.

Eviction Process:

  1. Notice to Vacate: The landlord delivers a written Notice to Vacate to the tenant.
  2. Eviction Suit: If the tenant doesn’t vacate by the notice deadline, an eviction suit is filed with the Justice of the Peace (JP) court.
  3. Eviction Citation: A constable delivers an eviction citation to the tenant, setting a hearing date.
  4. Court Hearing: If the tenant loses the eviction hearing, they have a few days to appeal or move out.
  5. Writ of Possession: If the tenant doesn’t move out or appeal, this writ is filed to reclaim the property.
  6. Physical Eviction: If necessary, the tenant’s belongings are moved out, and the property is returned to the owner.

Writ of Possession:

This is the final step if a tenant doesn’t vacate after an eviction judgment. It ensures the property is returned to the owner. If tenants don’t move out within the specified period, their belongings are moved to a designated area, and the property’s locks are changed. Abandoned pets are taken to the nearest animal shelter.

Eviction Protection with DFW Property Management.com:

Our Platinum and Diamond property management packages offer comprehensive eviction services at no additional cost for tenants placed by DFW Property Management.com. Additionally, we offer eviction protection, covering uncontested eviction fees up to $750, which includes:

  • Court costs for eviction filing
  • Writ of Possession
  • Broker representation fees

However, our protection program does NOT cover:

  • Jury trial costs
  • Lost rent
  • Property damage
  • Lock re-keying
  • Attorney fees
  • Removal of tenant’s personal belongings

For more details on our property management packages, please refer to our pricing page.

Why Choose DFW Property Management.com for Eviction Services?

  • Experience: Our many years of expertise ensure a smooth eviction process.
  • Eviction Protection: Available in our Platinum and Diamond packages, covering major eviction-related costs.
  • Comprehensive Services: From initial notices to physical evictions, we handle all aspects of the eviction process.

For more information on our eviction services or other property management offerings, contact us today.

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