Selling a Home? Check Your Plumbing

Plumbing issues before selling

If you’re selling your home, you’re to-do list is likely stacked: find a realtor, get an inspection, make needed improvements, up your curb appeal, and the list goes on. Another important facet we at DFW Properties recommend you keep in mind before listing is to make sure your plumbing is up-to-date.

“When selling a home, you’re going to find each buyer’s home inspector will examine some of the same items,” says Max Rose, owner of Four Seasons Plumbing. “It can be a worthwhile investment to make some repairs to strengthen a home’s appeal to potential buyers and give sellers more negotiating power.”

Rose recommends sellers evaluate the state of the following items:

Water heater – The water heater is one of the more common big-ticket repairs that can arise from a home inspection. If the water heater is on the older side, a buyer may request it be serviced and flushed, if not replaced entirely, as a condition of going through with the home purchase.

Water pressure regulator – One point of a home inspection is to check the water pressure. If the pressure comes back high, that can be indicative of a larger (and costlier) problem.

Leaking pipes – If the home has a crawl space, it can be relatively easy to check for leaky plumbing. If there are leaky pipes, that could be a red flag for the seller. Depending on the age and material of the pipes, fixes may range from a patch to whole replacement.

Type of piping used – Some older homes are plumbed with piping and/or fittings that have been recalled or had class-action lawsuits filed against the manufacturer. If your home has these materials in them, there is a good chance a potential buyer will want it replaced.

“Each buyer has their own deal breakers, but if you’re finding the water heater come up as a common strike point on a requested repairs list, it might be worth it to install a new one,” Rose says. “Having these issues come up on a buyer’s home inspection is only going to add to the stress of selling your home.”

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