Plumbing Projects You Can DIY With Ease

When it comes to repairs on your home, it can be hard to strike a balance between trying to save and making sure you’re getting the job done safely and effectively. This can be especially true with electrical and plumbing projects. Here are some DIY-friendly projects you can tackle.

Install a Dishwasher or Toilet

Installation projects will certainly cause you to work up a sweat, but thankfully, they don’t require you to rack up a lot of coins for a professional. The hardest part of installing a dishwasher or toilet is likely just the process of moving it to its designated spot. Most installations are fairly seamless as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have a basic amount of handyman skills. If you’re needing a step-by-step guide, you’re likely to find instructions for your exact make and model with a quick search on YouTube.

Prep Your Pipes

During the cold winter months, exposed pipes can prove problematic. At best, your exposed supply pipes aren’t great at preserving their warmth when delivering hot water, at worst, your exposed pipes could freeze and you may have to deal with a burst pipe. Avoid a costly emergency call to a plumber by simply wrapping your pipes in foam insulation. This easy DIY task will keep your plumbing protected.

Replace or Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are heavier than you might think (weighing in at 10-20 pounds) so this DIY project may require a helpful friend or housemate who can keep the garbage disposal steady while you secure it to the bottom of the sink. However, with that little extra help, garbage disposal installation becomes an easily accomplished task for the self-appointed handyman in your household.

Change Out Your Showerhead

Even the most amateur DIYers can take on the simple task of changing out the showerhead. This task likely can be done entirely by hand by simply turning the showerhead clockwise with your hand to unscrew it from the discharge pipe. If the showerhead seems too tight, pull out some channel lock pliers to help. Once you’ve gotten the old showerhead off, just wrap Teflon tape clockwise on the pipe and add your new fancy showerhead.

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