Quick-Clean Hacks Professionals Use When Time is Limited

Clean Hacks

Whether it is a visit from a family member or you had to call a repairman into your home after an emergent issue, everyone has experienced the sudden, overwhelming need to clean a lot in a short period of time. If you find yourself needing some quick cleaning hacks, look no further than these tricks the pros use when they are short on time.

Tidy and Gather
If clutter is the biggest culprit to preventing your clean home, a 5-minute tidy can do wonders. Take care of any trash or recycling, and remove any large items that can change rooms. Don’t get stuck on the tiny elements; papers, books and like items can simply be tidied by forming neat stacks. Remember, the secret to a quick tidy is not hiding everything away, but removing visual disorder. Small groupings and stacks of like items is a home-stager trick that can serve you even in a pinch. 

Quick Vacuum
With limited time and a lot on your plate, a deep clean isn’t going to be possible. When you’re trying to decide what to do after a quick tidy, remember that a fast vacuuming session is completely worth the extra few minutes. Plus, nothing says clean like vacuum lines. If you have thick carpet that hides dirt, now is not the time to worry about a deep clean. An efficient and minimal pass over with the vacuum to get any unsightly crumbs or dust is enough. You can always tackle the task with more intention later.

Open Windows and Doors
Scents provide instant mental cues; there’s a reason REALTORSⓇ bake cookies for an open house. A stale smell in your home will instantly indicate the need for some freshening up. Luckily, the opposite is also true. Simply opening the windows and allowing clean fresh air to circulate throughout your home can breathe new life. Even if all your surfaces are not spotless and there’s a little bit of clutter, your guests will associate that clean scent with a clean home. 

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