How to Style Gym Equipment in Your Home

Gym at Home

A home gym can be the perfect opportunity to remove barriers to your motivation. Whether you are social distancing, don’t feel confident at the gym or simply don’t have a flexible schedule, gym equipment in your home can be convenient and motivating. If you don’t want to sacrifice your home’s style for your fitness routine, try out these tips.

Buy With Your Space in Mind
Sure, it could be awesome to have a full gym set up complete with every piece of equipment imaginable, but if your space cannot conveniently accommodate it, you’re likely to find yourself feeling constricted in your home. Not only can this negatively impact your day-to-day home life, but it can also make your workouts feel cramped, leaving you uninspired.

Add Decor to Your Workout Area
Whether you have a whole room dedicated to fitness equipment or you simply have a stationary bike in the corner of your room, adding wall decor and intentional accessories can make even clunky equipment look nice. Consider putting up some framed inspirational quotes or artwork, add greenery and find a stylish basket or storage option to keep small items like towels. Styling the area around your workout space can ensure that it looks intentional and not haphazard.

Match Your Space’s Style
While matching your color scheme and style may not be an option for every piece of equipment, modern sleek designs are popping up more frequently. As fitness brands realize that not everyone is in love with the traditional options and more people are opting to pursue fitness from home, there’s bound to be even more alternatives as time goes on. From kettlebells to rowing equipment, there are now modern white and even wood fitness options on the market, making it easier than ever to add equipment without feeling the need to hide it in your space.

A little extra planning can go a long way to ensuring that your space is functional for your movement needs and still has style and charm. 

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