How to Find Quality Tenants

At DFW Properties, we understand that as a landlord, you want to not only attract great tenants, you want quality tenants who will take care of your property and pay rent on time. In this article, we offer a look at 5 great ways to find quality tenants in the  Dallas/Forth Worth area:

  1. Get Great Images Of Your Property
  2. Quality tenants are highly visual. They often decide whether or not to rent a property based on the pictures on the vacancy ads online. You should ensure that every image you post is one that works in your best interest. Avoid using your camera phone to take pictures of the property, and instead look for a high resolution professional digital camera. If you have access to reliable photo editing software to make the photo more appealing, make use of it. After all, the more aesthetically engaging the ad images are, the higher your chances of attracting quality residents for your Forth Worth Property.
  3. Post a Craigslist Ad
  4. No matter what you think of Craigslist, it can be effective marketing tool. Here’s how to use it to find quality tenants. Step 1: Create a Property Listing via Cozy Step 2: Make sure you have amazing pictures and a video walk-through that points out the positives and the negatives, If you have an apartment with small closets, for example, point it out. That way, people who must have a large closet won’t come by and waste their time and yours. If you point out that there are small closets and potential tenants come by anyway, you know that closet size won’t be an issue. Step 3: Post the link to your Cozy listing with the photographs and videos in your Craigslist ad. The URL will look similar to “” Step 4: Viewers can either fill out the application immediately online, or you can send the link via email or text when they respond. After all, Cozy keeps the personal identifying information safe, and does not expose it to the landlord, so its completely secure and free.If you have done a good job with the video and pictures, potential tenants should be ready to apply.
  5. Meet Them In Person: This should go without saying. You will want to physically meet them and walk them through the property. Seeing your prospective renter in person can give you some important indicators as to whether or not they will respectfully inhabit your home. You’ll get a sense of their cleanliness by seeing what they drive and the gut feeling you get about them is priceless. It takes very little time to conduct a walk through so make sure you don’t miss this. At DFW Property, we have a thorough Tenant Screening procedure we use to find quality tenants.
  6.  Engage A Property Management Company In Forth Worth
  7. The most efficient and reliable way of locating and attracting great tenants is to hire a property management firm. Professional Property Managers like us in Fort Worth, TX area have vacancy advertising expertise and experience. Most importantly, people looking for rental property often ask property managers for leads. Which means the manager has first-hand information on who might be searching for your type of rental. You can read 25 more reasons why DFW Property might be the property management company for you! After you choose a tenant for a particular rental property, continue to keep the rapport going with the tenant. Keeping a professional attitude often wins you respect. Also, keep the rental property properly maintained by using reliable plumbers, electricians, and contractors – like we do for our Repair and Maintenance Services at DFW Property How you treat your tenants and clients affects future business.

If you use all these tips above, you are much more likely to get quality tenants, which makes your job as a landlord much more easier. Don’t do this halfway. The price you’ll pay over the lease term because of a poor tenant choice is just too high.

DFW Property manages properties in the entire Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. We offer three property management packages: SilverGold, and Platinum. Please click on the links to read more about each one, or check out our comparison page. Give us a call at 682-200-6700 if you have any questions.

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