5 Things to Check When Viewing a Home

If you’re shopping for a home in the DallasFort Worth area right now, you’re likely seeing dozens of properties. While this is great news for prospective buyers, we at DFW Properties want to point out a handful of essential things you should be looking for when doing a walk-through:

Roof: When entering or exiting the property, take a moment to look up. While you can’t always tell if the roof is well-maintained by looks alone, missing or warped shingles are a sign that the roof has been neglected.

Rust: Check any major appliances that will be coming with the house for signs of rust or neglect. Think the HVAC system and water heater.

Warping: Examine the corners of rooms and the angles of doors. Are things tilted or warped? This could point to issues with the foundation.

Moisture: If the home smells musty, or the wood around the windows is soft or rotted, it’s likely that there’s some sort of moisture leak, be it from a pipe, an improperly fitted or warped window, or a funky foundation.

Lots of listings: If there are numerous listings on any given street, there might be a reason why. Do your research before purchasing a property in an area that others are running from.

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