How to Clean Your Window Screens

No matter how shiny you can get your window panes, if your screens are scuzzy, your windows will look less than well washed. Below are several tips we at DFW Properties would like to present for properly cleaning your pesky window screens.

Start by removing your screens. To really deep clean your screens, you’re going to have to remove them. While it may seem like a pain, the extra effort is worth it in terms of dirt removal. However, if you’ve done a deep window clean recently and are just doing a monthly touch-up, keeping your screens in place will work fine.

Death to dirt. If your screens are moderately dirty, you may be able to remove dirt with a lint roller or the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. If your screens are grimier, they’ll need a scrubbing. Use dish soap or vinegar mixed with warm water. Wet your screens with a hose (do this outside, folks!), then dip a soft, clean cloth in your cleaning solution and have at it.

Detail. Did you wash your window screens with a cloth and they still look filthy? TIme for detailing. Grab an old toothbrush and really get in there.

Rinse and dry. Once your screens are sparkling clean, rinse them with a hose and let them fully dry before replacing to avoid mold or warping your wood.

Patch. If you found any holes in your screens, seal them with a screen patching kit before putting them back in place. 

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