6 Trending Colors for Kitchens

Kitchen Colors

As everyone’s favorite gathering spot, the kitchen gets more traffic than any other room of the house. That’s why it’s one of the most important rooms for homebuyers and why it’s a perennial favorite of interior designers. 

If you’re looking to update your kitchen without breaking the bank, one of the quickest and most affordable ways to give it a facelift is with color. According to Real Simple, design experts are pointing to these six shades as some of the most fashion-forward colors for kitchens.

Warm white. While soft, creamy white may seem like a very unexciting choice, it brings a clean, open look to your kitchen and creates the perfect backdrop to build upon. White walls allow you to get creative with kitchen cabinet and countertop colors or create a contemporary, monochromatic look. Best of all, white walls create a sense of space, especially beneficial in smaller sized kitchens.

Soft pink. Feeling a bit more courageous? Try painting your kitchen a delicate shade of pink, adding vibrance and playfulness to the are. Muted pinks can often act as a neutral color, leaving you plenty of options when it comes to complimentary colors and textures. Be sure to test several samples before you paint the entire room since shades of pink vary greatly and choosing just the right hue is critical.

Sage green. Want to create a peaceful, earthy vibe in your kitchen? Look no further than sage green, a popular color that’s popping up in many rooms of the house. A shade that never goes out of style, sage pairs well with natural wood and stone textures, as well as bright whites.

Terracotta. Give your kitchen a Tuscan or Southwestern vibe by painting the walls a shade of warm terracotta. The natural shade adds texture to your kitchen and pairs great with wooden cabinets and leather decor, as well as black and white.

Deep blue. Opt for a moody shade of blue to give your kitchen a transitional look throughout the day. As natural light shifts, so do shades of blue, taking on a vibrant look at midday and a dramatic look at night. Look for muted shades with tones of gray or deeper shades that incorporate cobalt and eggplant hues.

Black. Looking for a contemporary or luxurious kitchen feel? Then look no further than sleek black. Black works well on an accent wall or for your countertops or kitchen cabinets. Pair it with marbleized finishes as well as stainless or brass kitchen hardware to emphasize the luxe look.  

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