5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Kitchen

Fashion trends come and go, and, unfortunately, the same can be said of interior design. How you decorate your kitchen today can look outdated 10 years down the road. So, when looking for projects that’ll provide a lasting return on investment, we at DFW Properties recommend looking to tech.
Innit, the first connected food platform, put a list together of the five best ways to future-proof your kitchen through emerging technologies. Although tech may sound like an unwise investment—there’s a new iPhone released every year—purchasing staple kitchen features that include new tech is a far safer bet.
“As you buy new appliances, always look out for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity features,” Kevin Brown, CEO at Innit, tells Housecall. “Millions of connected kitchen devices have already been sold and, in turn, the cost of these appliances has already dropped dramatically.”
You don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen to future-proof it. By simply following a few of these tips, you’ll have a space that won’t seem out-of-date when it eventually comes time to sell:
Find a digital hub to manage your kitchen.
Similar to hubs found in many home entertainment centers, Innit predicts that we’ll soon see more and more kitchens with control panels to manage your connected appliances.
Apps are an easy upgrade.
There are tons of apps that provide step-by-step recipes and video cooking tutorials; however, look for apps that’ll allow you to have voice control, such as Chefling and Yes Chef.
Make sure your new appliances are Wi-Fi enabled.
According to Innit, if your new kitchen appliances can’t connect to the internet, they’re already outdated. This will only be more true in the foreseeable future as the world moves more and more toward connectivity.
Wireless charging countertops are the new quartz.
Simple and subtle, wireless countertops are seeing a wave of popularity right now with consumers, and are also a safe bet as an investment as tech companies move away from cords. Also, if this ends up just being a fad, you will still have beautiful counters!
Cut the cords.
Staying on theme, cutting cords is another safe bet for your kitchen as there are now many wireless appliances that are compatible with smart counter tops. With less cords there are also less accidents, which is especially important in a kitchen!
Again, there’s no need to invest in all of these suggestions—stay within your budget. However, if past trends are any indication, you’ll likely see ROI from any of these improvements when it’s time to sell. Have you adopted any of these tips already? 

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