Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day With New Traditions

Coupled up or single, everybody knows when Valentine’s Day is approaching, but finding just the right way to acknowledge it can be a little stressful. You can stuff yourself with sweets, send flowers to your sweetie, and/or make special dinner reservations — or you can make new Valentine’s Day traditions to look forward to year after year, such as these suggestions presented by DFW Property Management

Take a dance lesson

Get on your feet for a dance lesson with your partner, or sign up for a singles dance class. It’s a great way to get close and make new memories and/or meet like-minded singles.

Take a painting class

Grab your partner or a friend and sign up for a painting class with wine on the side. Classes can be found online, and you can spend the evening having fun — maybe even creating your own personal masterpiece.

Plan a movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, add your favorite beverage, and settle down with your honey to watch your favorite romantic movie — or invite a few pals to re-watch a classic.

Host a wine and cheese night

This can be great fun for couples or singles. Ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine and a cheese that pairs well with it. Set out some crackers, nuts and fruit — and let the good times roll.

Share a night under the stars

Unless it’s too cold, set up a tent in the backyard or somewhere where the stars are visible. Get out the sleeping bags and spend the night watching the stars. 

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