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As a broker, you’re probably thinking: do I really want to add more to my list of responsibilities? But keeping in touch with your agents is an area where you should always make the effort, because it’ll pay off handsomely.

You need your agents, and they need you. If you’re consistently connected with them, you’ll both have a more positive business experience and they’ll be more likely to remain at your brokerage for years to come.

Here are five ways brokers can stay connected with their agents.

Offer support 
The best way to make a good impression with your agents is to offer them support, both personally and with resources. Giving them the best tech and training possible won’t just make them feel valued, it will help them perform better in the field—and your brokerage will reap the rewards.

For rookie agents, you can go even further by being a mentor. Think of the type of guide you would have wanted when you were starting out in real estate, and be that person for them.

Pick up that phone 
Some of the most common advice you’ll get for finding clients is to work the phones like your life depends on it. This advice isn’t just useful for your clients, but also your agents. Of course, ask them about business, but don’t turn the call into a performance review or they might dread hearing from you. Take an interest in them, not just their business.

Celebrate milestones
Did your agent close a big sale? Did they get that super-competitive listing? Then congratulations are in order! If you want to go above and beyond, don’t just congratulate them personally, make an event out of it, like an office happy hour.

Celebrations won’t only be a good moment to get face-to-face time with your agents, they’ll also incentivize success. If an agent knows their accomplishments are noticed, they’ll want to rack up more.

Lead from the front
How did Julius Caesar win the loyalty of his troops? He fought alongside them at the front of battle. The lessons from that approach can be applied to many situations, including selling real estate. As the leader of your brokerage, take a hands-on approach, not a passive one. Keep your ear to the ground in ongoing transactions and make sure you’re not totally relying on your agents to secure clients and listings. Follow this approach and your agents will realize that you’re in the game as much as them, working shoulder to shoulder.

Encourage them to stay connected with each other
Above all else, a real estate brokerage is a team. That means that you don’t just have a responsibility to stay in touch with your agents, they have a responsibility to stay in touch with each other. Still, there’s ways you can ensure this happens. Organize training sessions for the whole team or host fun group events. Doing so will build a positive company culture and can even help grow your business. If your agents know each other well, it’ll be easier for them to collaborate on business matters.

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