Shed Chic: A Space Of Your Own

Many of us wish we had more space at home. But if you’re looking for a home office or creative space, or just a room of your own a la the “man (or woman) cave,” consider adding a shed to the backyard in this article presented by DFW Property Management. 

Oregonian Kris Denning at calls her relaxing ‘she shed’ space “a zen little retreat just a few steps away from home.” Her shed features pine paneled ceilings with inset dimmable lighting, white oak hardwood flooring and loads of natural light via sliding glass doors.  

Denning had the structure raised to prevent the rain from leaking in, added cedar steps out front and interior beams to give the room both character and functionality. She even wrapped pine panels on all the walls to match the ceiling.

Kathleen Fifield at AARP says the growing trend among those in the after-50 set isn’t so much about gaining some extra square footage of peaceful privacy, but rather, making a statement about doing something for yourself when you realize it’s high time to do so.

Fifield’s top experts say for creating an incredible shed of your own, consider the following:

Include as many windows as the budget will allow

Modern Shed founder Ryan Smith notes that while a sliding style works well, his customers tend to prefer double French doors that open wide to the outdoors.

Color it yours

Smith says his customers are split between matching their shed hue to their main house and going for visible contrast. Emphasizing trim or eaves in something like ochre or turquoise can bring those details to life in a fun way that you might not ever try on your home’s exterior.

Beam it up!

Resist the urge to drywall overhead, as it traps too much moisture. Instead, cover rough spots between beams with planks, pine or something economical like bamboo fencing.

Don’t stop at the door

Fifield says great sheds have an indoor/outdoor feel, and platform decks help make the perfect transition. Add planters, beds or outdoor furniture, and consider adding a rock path or something like concrete pavers to your home’s back door to integrate the overall landscape. 

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