Resolve To Make Your ‘Man (or Women) Cave’ A Healthier Space

January’s arrival always brings hope eternal in the heart of homeowners who aim to see their home improvement plans – great or small – accomplished in the New Year. For those working on a man or woman cave – i.e., a space of your own – consider the following ways to make it healthier.

Back in 2016, Dr. Brian W. Wu ( blogged that the so-called man cave provides a place to temporarily get away from life’s pressures and to decompress so that there is emotional energy left over for family life.

Dr. Wu says caves can also be a great place to work out and be active, whether it’s a jog on your treadmill to your favorite tunes or a weight-lifting session.

YouTube’s health and motivational coach Dai Manuel adds that a space like this can help both mental and physical health, and show improvement in your personal life, as well.

Manuel suggests the following components to make your cave a healthy space:

– To ensure healthy air quality, Manuel says look into air purifiers to cleanse the air of harmful allergens, especially if you want your man cave to be in the basement or a small space with limited air flow.

– Choose a color scheme that incorporates calming hues like blue, green, or warm browns. According to Manuel, these colors have a calming effect on the eyes and mind, and slow mental activity, relieving stress.

– Consider a weight bench and cardio equipment that can be easily broken down and stored. If you prefer yoga practices and meditation, stock your cave with mats, scented candles and soft lighting.

– Finally, create your own zen space by adding fresh plants and essential-oil diffusers. Manuel says experimenting with different aromas or topical therapies can always add that extra touch to your perfect and calming private-space ambiance.

If used properly, Dr. Wu says a man or woman cave can not only help fulfill emotional needs but physical health as well.

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