Prepping to Set the Clocks Ahead This Weekend

Whether you like it or not, if you live in an area of the country that follows Daylight Saving, you’re about to spring forward–and lose an hour of sleep. Here are five ways to ease that transition.

Go to sleep earlier. If you head to bed an hour earlier, you won’t lose that hour of sleep. Start before the time-hop for best results if possible. First, hop in a half hour earlier. Then forty-five minutes. By the time you’re heading to bed an hour earlier, your body will be well adjusted.

Find the sunlight. The day before the time switch, expose yourself to some natural sunlight to give you an energy boost and avoid feeling groggy the following day. Take a walk, read a book in the park or simply sit outside and call a friend.

Avoid a large, late dinner. When trying to moderate your sleep schedule, avoid a heavy meal before bed, as it can disrupt sleep. Instead, try and eat earlier and then have a small snack an hour or so before hitting the sheets.

Moderate caffeine. Even if you’re feeling that four p.m. slump, try to avoid caffeine past 2 p.m. leading up to Daylight Saving. Consuming caffeine late in the day can throw off your natural rhythm even further than the time switch.

Create an environment for sleep. Make sure your bedroom promotes deep sleep by nixing electronics, keeping your space quiet and clutter-free, and adjusting the temperature to one ideal for sleep—between 60 and 67 degrees.

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