Modern Paint Trends: Connect, Disconnect, Repeat

Modern-day culture makes room for all of our divergent personalities, from the back-to-nature enthusiast to the tech multi-tasker. We at DFW Properties would like to present these findings from color expert Kate Smith, who notes that color trends for 2019 address them all, focusing on the three main trends of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting.

The Connect palette reflects Americans’ growing desire to connect with their roots (think DNA kits and genealogy testing). According to Smith, “The colors of this ‘Connect’ palette have a well-worn look. It’s almost like they are ‘comfort colors’ handed down from another generation. Each hue is a toned-down version of a color that was once brighter, but has now mellowed with time.” 

Among the shades in this color palette are Endless SeaDark Hunter Green, and Cavern Clay from Sherwin Williams, and Raisin in the Sun and Amber Autumn from Behr.

The Disconnect color palette is aimed at the multi-taskers who, after so much time spent daily on their devices, must come home to disconnect. According to Smith, as people begin to understand the need for fewer distractions, they disconnect and gravitate to softer hues and more subtle tones.

“At the intersection of high-speed connections and calm minds, we find inspiring neutral colors that defy being easily named,” she explains. “They’re not quite gray or taupe or tan, but have an almost magical ability to blend with an unlimited range of colors.” That’s why you’ll find colors in this palette with more esoteric names, like SynchronicityMagnolia Blossom, and Discover from PPG, and Misty and Moth Wing from Sherwin Williams.

Finally, the Reconnect palette reflects our reaction to the often overwhelming world events happening around us. As Smith explains, when the world around us feels like it has gone crazy, we turn to family, friends and homes to find happiness.

“Comfortable surroundings in upbeat, happy colors make us smile,” she says. “Golden yellows, earthy light terracotta and sky blue are just some of the colors that help people reconnect. These are joyful, nurturing colors that remind us to take a deep breath — and that everything and everyone is going to be okay.”

The upbeat colors in the Reconnect palette include, Endless SeaEros PinkHoney Bees, and Elation from Sherwin Williams, and Sprite Twist from PPG.

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