Just One Change to Your Outdoor Space Can Make a Big Difference

You may be looking around your yard or patio with lots of big ideas to spruce things up, but not enough time or dollars to make it all happen. But don’t get discouraged. Sometimes, one significant change can impact the entire look and feel of your entire outdoor space. At DFW Properties, we suggest these five one-off wonders to try:

  1. String lights. Buy several sets, get a ladder, enlist a partner, and map out a canopy of light that runs between trees and your roof. Just plug it in as the sun sets for instant atmosphere. Or, better yet, buy the solar variety and have the light show commence automatically.
  2. A water feature. Whether you purchase a fountain or have a landscaping expert create a mini waterfall, a water feature adds both a visual and sound feature to your outdoor space—an enticing focal point and soothing element for both you and your guests to enjoy.
  3. A fire pit. A fire pit also offers multiple benefits to your outdoor area: an attractive stone and lighting feature, and an instant social gathering spot. Fire pits also bring the added benefit of four-season functionality, which is as welcome on a summer night as it is after a snowfall.
  4. Cozy furniture. Outdoor furniture has risen to a whole new level, so if comfort is what you’re after, invest in an outdoor living room set where you can relax and entertain all summer long.
  5. A vegetable garden. If you’re overwhelmed by all the planting possibilities, but know you don’t have the time to properly maintain a variety of garden beds, plant a small vegetable garden and focus your efforts there. Plant a variety of veggies and herbs so you can harvest throughout the season.

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