How to Really Care for Your Home Appliances

You use your appliances every day, but you may be surprised to know that you may not be caring for them to promote longevity. Knowing how to care for each of your home appliances to the fullest will prevent them from early damage due to disrepair or excessive wear and tear.

Care for Your Dishwasher
Your dishwasher works hard, but if you don’t care for it appropriately, even a newer model will start to perform poorly. As counterintuitive as it may seem, your dishwasher needs to be cleaned. Keep your dishwasher running well by manually removing and cleaning the filter and also running a cleaning cycle with dishwasher cleaner. This will prevent buildup on your dishes and will make your dishwasher last longer.

Tend to Your Refrigerator
Your fridge serves you well, and aside from occasionally cleaning an errant spill, you probably don’t put it on your radar when you tackle your to-do’s. Cleaning your condenser coils will ensure that your refrigerator lasts. These coils are usually located under or on the back of the refrigerator. If the coils get covered in pet hair or dust, this will cut down on your fridge’s efficiency and can strain the compressor and cut your fridge’s life short.

Care for Your Dryer
Caring for your dryer is not only necessary to save on a future replacement, but is vital to prevent a fire. Your dryer’s lint trap should be checked after every drying cycle to prevent build up. Additionally, you must ensure that your dryer’s vent pipe is cleaned every three months. This will ensure that your clothes dry properly, that your dryer is not overworked and mitigate a fire risk. 

Maintain Your Washing Machine
Keep your washing machine ready for whatever stain you throw at it by tending to it regularly. Forgoing your washing machine care may not prove dangerous, but it will lessen the life of your machine. Your washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly. Simply run an empty load of hot water with 2 cups of white vinegar and add ½ cup of detergent mid-cycle. Inspect your machine’s hoses monthly for bulges or cracks and be sure to use the right detergent for your machine. 

Your appliances are a large investment and should last you for years to come.  

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