Homeowner Smart: How to Have Your Furnace Inspected

An important part of your home’s upkeep is an annual inspection of your furnace. Not only is this essential to make sure your furnace is operating as efficiently and economically as possible, it ensures your family’s safety, as well. We at DFW Properties property management would like to present the following advice:

An annual furnace inspection by a qualified, reputable contractor can help prevent any issues with carbon monoxide (CO). According to Dominion Energy Ohio, CO detectors provide a second line of defense, but they shouldn’t be used as a substitute for an annual furnace inspection. Combined with an annual inspection, CO detectors, placed in each bedroom, can offer additional peace of mind.

While having your furnace inspected, make sure your contractor visually checks all vents, heat exchangers and motors. Dominion advises that a thorough inspection should also include the following, so ask your contractor to detail each of the below in his or her report:

– Lubricating the blower bearings and blower motor as recommended by the manufacturer

– Visually inspecting all vents, the heat exchanger and filters

– Checking the pilot light if the furnace has one

– Cleaning and checking the flame sensor on higher-efficiency furnaces with electronic ignition

– Cleaning the main burners, clearing the furnace area of any dust or combustible materials and cleaning dust from the blower compartment

– Testing the thermostat to ensure the heating system works as it should

– Checking the safety components on the heating equipment, such as limit controls and pilot safety and pressure switches

– Insuring that appliance installations conform to current codes, such as: combustion and ventilation air; chimney and associated vents; and use of approved materials, such as gas piping and appurtenances

Having a well-humming furnace will keep your home well heated, keep your bills in check, and most importantly, keep you and your loved ones safe and sound. 

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