5 Ways to Ease Holiday Hosting

Hoping to gather a group of friends for the holiday, but no time or mental space for the stress of hosting? Easy holiday hosting can be done! Consider the following tips, courtesy of DFW Properties:

Have a potluck. Often, guests love to bring their own dishes to share. Host a potluck and let everyone know what you will be making, i.e., that you have dessert or appetizers covered.

Have it catered. While more costly than the potluck, having the food brought in from your favorite local eatery takes all the stress out of meal planning.

Border hosting into one or two rooms. No need to open the whole house to your party. One or two rooms, like the kitchen and living room, can be fine. Close doors to off-limits rooms, but make sure guests know which bathroom they should visit.

Skip the meal. Have a cocktail party instead of a dinner date. Create fun drinks and mixers, with a few simple appetizers.

Enlist a friend for clean-up. Have a close, reliable pal? Ask them in advance if they wouldn’t mind staying after-hours to help you with cleanup. 

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