5 Odd Household Items to Organize With

If you’re looking to up your organization game, no need to head to a pricey big box store. You may have simple items around the house you can reuse to do the trick! Below are five easy organizational tips presented by DFW Properties that can offer major upgrades:

Tension rod for pot lids. If you store your pots and pans in a drawer, install a tension road along the inside and slip your pot lids behind it — no more rattling pots or hard-to-find tops!

Gallon bags for drawers. Organize your underwear or t-shirt drawer by separating your items and storing them in gallon-sized plastic bags. You’ll never lose 10 minutes hunting for that pair of socks again.

CD holders for Tupperware. Remember those old CD racks? Repurpose them in your Tupperware cabinet by using them to keep your lids separate, sorted, and easy to grab.

Reuse that wine rack. Gifted a large wine rack that rarely feels full? Use it in a hallway or closet to store shoes, scarves and other item that need to be tucked away.

Muffin tin magic. Have a junk drawer that never stays organized? Slip a muffin tin inside to separate your odds and ends. 

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