5 Calming Hues to Paint Your Bedroom

You may already know that the temperature of your bedroom can impact your sleep, but did you know the color can, as well? You’ll be more relaxed in a soothing space, and the following colors are known to create a mellow mood, courtesy of DFW Property Management:

Blue. Try a light sky blue or a deep cobalt to calm the mind and lift the spirits. Pair it with a bright yellow accent to toss in a little splash of sunshine.

Green. Skip the neon and choose a sea-foam or spruce shade to help mellow your mind. A cream shade matches well with most greens if you want to add an accent.

Gray. This neutral tone is versatile and easy to match with your décor. Consider a soft, muted heather or a deep slate.

Lavender. While purple may be a bit much for some, try one wall in a soft lavender, or even better, your ceiling.

Cream. Skip white and go for a gentle cream shade for an easy-on-the-eyes color solution. Not into cream on the walls? Try cream-colored bedding for a cloud-like slumber station.4

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