4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting Scheme

If your home often feels dim, or you find yourself groping the hallway for that hard-to-find light switch, you may want to consider how you can improve your lighting design. Below are several suggestions on behalf of DFW Properties:

Plug it in: Add a plug-in nightlight to bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways to provide safe footing in the dark with no surprises. For a permanent installation, add an electrical receptacle with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) that is controlled by a photo sensor. It turns on in the dark and off in daylight automatically.

Raise outlets: Make it easy to plug in electrical outlets by installing them 24 inches from the floor so you can reach them without bending down.

Rock it: Replace a standard light switch with a “rocker” style switch. Other types operate with a touchpad that responds to your finger: slide it up and the light goes on; slide it down and the light dims.

Motion controlled: At stairs leading to an attic or basement, install a motion sensor onto the switch to light the way hands-free.

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