4 Fresh Home Tips for This Spring

With spring weather comes the urge to throw open the windows and air out your home. But simply opening the windows won’t fully air out your space. To freshen your home this spring, we at DFW Properties recommend that you follow these tips:

Perform a deep clean: Start the season off with a thorough home cleaning. Wipe down surfaces with multipurpose cleaner that disinfects and leaves the home smelling fresh.

Refresh your laundry: Switch out your winter wardrobe and freshen up your spring wardrobe. Make sure you’re using the correct amount of detergent and don’t forget to add the fabric conditioner for that added softness.

Clean the outdoor areas: Pressure wash the exterior of your home, deck and patio furniture. For many of us, spring calls for new clothes. For your house, that might mean a fresh coat of paint. Check for any paint on your house or deck that is peeling and reseal any wood to prevent any future rot.

Bring the outdoors in: Tropical and floral prints are a big design trend and can be incorporated with decorative accessories such as wall art and pillows. You can also incorporate plants and greenery indoors by hanging macramé baskets or placing them on bookshelves or even inside geometric glass containers. Container gardens can also spruce-up a front entrance or deck.

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