Improve Your Credit Score

Follow This Plan for Boosting Your Credit

It happens to the best  of us: a few years of reckless spending, or a few missed credit card payments, and our credit score is a little less than appealing. If you're looking to purchase a home in the next few years, this can be discouraging. But don't worry -- you can boost your credit in less time than you may think."Banks like to see a credit score of 640 or more, with scores of 740 and above in...

Raising Credit Score Could Save Over $45,000

A good credit score benefits consumers in many ways. In fact, it can even save you hard-earned cash. We at DFW Properties would like to present this information based on a recent study from LendingTree®, which found that raising a 'fair' credit score to 'very good' could in fact save consumers more than $45,000. To arrive at this figure, LendingTree researchers analyzed anonymized loan request and...

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