Why Rent From Us

We have asked numerous tenants what they look for in a rental property. Most of them have these priorities:

  • Reasonable Rent
  • Attractive Property
  • Prompt Maintenance

An affordable property is security for our tenant. If the rent is competitive and the house is attractive and well-maintained, the tenant will stay longer. At DFW Property Management.com, we recognize that a long-term occupant is like gold in this industry.

Here at DFW Property Management.com, we also believe that convenience is key, and so we make it easy for our tenants to pay rent online or at nearby locations, as well as use the online portal to submit maintenance requests. We know that prompt and thorough communication when problems arise is appreciated, and we strive to utilize current technology to its best ability to communicate with tenants and property owners alike.

Reasonable Rent

Most tenants want a property with a reasonable rent based on the physical appearance, location, age, and size of the home. At DFW Property Management.com, we focus on single-family homes with reasonable rental rates comparative to their neighborhood, and we advise property owners with market rates that match the age, location, and physical characteristics of their properties. Read about Market Rent for more information.

Attractive Property

Tenants always prefer a property that looks clean and attractive. They prefer a property that is warm and inviting to call home. With each of our property management packages, DFW Property Management.com does walk-through inspections before a home is leased, and performs make-ready repairs to ensure that a home is up to the Texas Property Code (TPC). Read more about our Leasing process.

Prompt Maintenance

It is always important to tenants that they receive prompt and courteous maintenance and emergency services. At DFW Property Management.com, we make maintenance requests easy via our online tenant portal, and hire only the most competent and qualified independent contractors to get the job done right. You can read more about our Repair and Maintenance Services.

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