On-Point Paint Picks for Your Bathroom

a white bathtub and sink in the bathroom

While it may be the most diminutive room in your home, a well-appointed bathroom can make an impactful interior design statement. The most important place to start? With color.

According to home-design experts at marthastewart.com, when it comes to the bathroom, think luxurious…but subtle. The ideal goal for any bathroom is to create a serene and calming atmosphere that embodies the vibe of your favorite spa. With that in mind, here are some of the top paint color options for this year’s bathrooms. The spectrum is varied enough to appeal to your innate design sense and the look and feel of the rest of your home.

Shades of Blue
Soft shades of blue conjure up tranquil skies or soothing seas, so they’re always a great choice for a bathroom. Change up the mood by using colors with a gray or green undertone to add dimension.

White and Beige
Fresh whites and warm shades of beige are a winning choice for bathrooms in 2022. These neutral shades don’t alter natural light, which makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. They also give your bathroom a crisp and clean vibe, always a welcome atmosphere in this well-used room of the house. Your options range from bright whites to those infused with blue, as well as beiges that incorporate warm yellows or sophisticated grays.

Greenish Grays
Speaking of gray, another stylish choice for your bathroom is this year’s palette of gray-green shades that invoke a variety of natural settings, from a spring forest to a foggy day at sea. You can brighten the feel of these tones by adding colorful towels or warm wood accents.

Citrus and Berry Tones
Also popular for bathrooms this year are bold shades from the citrus and berry families. The bathroom is the perfect spot to explore this design trend given the limited amount of wall space. Designers recommend considering a vintage citrus color, like peach or orange, or purple hues like blackberry or raspberry. Bold color choices such as these can be enhanced with contrasting hardware, such as white tile or gold fixtures. Depending on which direction you go, the final look can be anything from retro to contemporary.

No matter which direction you head in, remember that the bathroom is the perfect room for experimenting with color. The relatively small amount of wall space makes repainting an easy decision.  

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